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About the Show

About the Show

Do you remember the first time you saw Leatherface pop out of that hallway? Or the first time you saw little Jason Voorhees spring from the depths of Crystal Lake?

In How I Met Your Monster, hosts Zach, Danny, and Casey break down the introductions to your favorite movie monsters. Relive the moment you discovered Freddy Krueger, or meet The Thing for the first time! 

With special guests including filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians, horror lovers and more, How I Met Your Monster is full of laughs and scares that will make you want to meet those special monsters again and again.

Who Will Enjoy It?

Anyone who is interested in horror, science fiction, monsters, ghosts, aliens, and/or everything in between will enjoy How I Met Your Monster!

The show is packed with interesting facts, trivia, and cool stories about your favorite movies! You'll hear personal anecdotes from hosts Zach, Danny, and Casey as they relive their first introductions to classic monsters, or hear their reactions to first time viewings!

If you love a weekly podcast that takes horror seriously, but knows how to have a ton of laughs at the same time, How I Met Your Monster is for you.

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Who's Hosting?

How I Met Your Monster is hosted by three friends who were raised by the movies; all three of which were drawn to the horror genre at an early age.

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Zach Wincik is a filmmaker based in Oklahoma City, OK. His passion for the horror genre began as a young child with Stephen King's IT and a Fangoria coffee table book. He is currently writing and developing his first feature film.

Favorite monster: Freddy Krueger


Danny Salemme is a screenwriter based in Colorado. He began writing short stories as a kid and later started writing full length screenplays. He is currently developing two original screenplays.

Favorite monster: Jason Voorhees


Casey Brewer is a horror fanatic from Pittsburgh, PA. Her love for horror was ignited by Children of the Corn at just six years old, and she never looked back! She recently graduated with a degree in specialized art for special makeup effects and prop fabrication.

Favorite Monster: Freddy Krueger

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Ratings and Reviews

•  Currently 5-stars on Apple Podcasts

• "Reminds me of my Fangoria subscription and VHS horror movie binge watching days as a kid in the 80s."

• "This is a really fun series."

• "I’ve been listening to this podcast feeling like I’m in a treehouse with my best monster movie loving                   friends!"

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